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Sunset Hour At Carmel Beach

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Carmel, California

March 25, 2021

Never leave a baseball game early and don’t be surprised if a cloudy day delivers a great sunset.

Yesterday was a low gray cloud kind of day. Even at 5 pm. But the forecast said it would partly cloudy at sunset so I headed over to Carmel Beach. As you’ll see from the photos, it pretty gloomy when I got there. On the horizon there was a gap between the clouds; I thought if that held up I could get some good shots. Anyway, I needed a walk and this is a fun walking beach with the walkers, the surfers and the dogs.

A couple of the photos are of a fellow with his camera mounted on a tripod.

Augusta National type restrooms. Tastefully camouflaged.

Close to a good Mercedes commercial shot.

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