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Supreme Court And Guns


June 15, 2022

It is scary that a masked man with a gun was found outside Justice Kavanaugh’s house. I agree with the calls for more protection for the Supreme Court and Federal judges. I am surprised I have not heard calls for the justices, the judges and their spouses to be armed themselves at all times.

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If a reasonable judge or jury could not intuit the intent of someone going out to a Supreme Court Justice's house to protest as seeking to influence a Justice in his/her duty when it never happened before the release of the draft Roe opinion, then I don't think we could ever convict anyone of any crime -- they are all accidents with no intention....

Oh, yeah -- that is true! Attorney Sussman was not lying to the FBI when he said he was going to them as a private citizen and not on behalf of a client . . . when it is proven/shown/ demonstrated that he billed Hillary for that act.... Yeah -- we cannot assume intent....



There is an existing law (code 1507) which prohibits protesting, picketing, parading, etc... outside of federal judges, including Supreme Court Justices, residences already. however, Garland is not enforcing the law. some Supreme Court Justice he would have been.


Thought they would but I couldn’t find anything — must be my left leaning Google filter! 🤪. As you often say, as an engineer it would be helpful if “near” was specified as a distance. I wonder if a neighbor could “parade or picket” in their own yard? Will be interesting if the vote is 5-4 or 6-3. All this made me think that we haven’t heard anything more about the source of the draft opinion. I wouldn’t think there are that many suspects.

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