Take The Long Way Home

Winslow, Arizona

March 21, 2020

Am I double dipping with this song? If I am, apologies.

Supertramp explained the meaning of the lyrics: Talking about not wanting to go home to the wife, take the long way home to the wife because she treats you like part of the furniture, but there's a deeper level to the song, too. We all want to find our home, find that place in us where we feel at home. Home is in the heart and that is really, when we are in touch with our heart and we're living our life from our heart, then we do feel like we found our home.

I don't know about all that, but after thinking fast and slow, I've decided it is probably best that I head back to Cville where my doctors are. I thought I could ride it out here in the west but as I thought more about it:

- if I get sick, am I really going to want to be in a hotel room? Of just be someone from out of town in an ER?

- I have great doctors in Cville

- so much out here is closed or closing

- those campgrounds that aren't closed are packed and that means there are a lot of hands on door handles, etc.

So, tomorrow I start back east, easing up on my guidelines of no interstates and no more than four hours of driving per day. I'll go up to Colorado and turn right so I get to see a different part of the country. Hate to leave Arizona - the weather is great and the sites are spectacular.

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