Telluride, Colorado

Telluride, Colorado

October 13, 2020

Yesterday, I drove the 45+ miles from my campsite to Telluride, or what I thought was Telluride. I posted some photos and video yesterday while I was there. Here I am posting mostly photos and videos I took after that point. These photos are of the town of Telluride and the drive back. The photos I posted previously were of the town (I think it is a town) of Mountain View which is above Telluride. I parked at Mountain View and took a gondola (free) down a resort area which I thought was Telluride. I should have taken a second gondola down to the town of Telluride. Instead as I was leaving Mountain View I realized that I had not seen the Telluride I had seen in photos. I resolved my problem by driving into the town. I'm glad I did. I is a beautiful places, more Aspen-like than Steamboat. Like Aspen, an old mining town. Lots of beautiful people.

Long story, eh? Enjoy the photos!

Another photo of this street sign. Not in Telluride but ....

The theme song for these photos if DMB's "Crash Into Me."

I took the following photos on Colorado Route 62. The vastness, beauty and rugginess of this area is hard to capture. Multiply these photos by 20 and you might get close.

I have a thang for these road shots. If you study photo composition they talk about lines that lead the viewer's eyes. Perhaps that is what draws me to take so many shots with roads in them.

Isn't the sky a remarkable color?

These may be the San Juan Mountains or maybe they are the Telluride Mountains.

The following photos I took along Colorado Route 145 leading into Telluride. Most of the area along the route seems to be national forest. Not sure the name of this river. Maybe the unspellable?

These photos I take while I am driving are never the highest quality (shooting through tinted glass?) but I think this one captures some cool elements of the drive.

Here are some shots as I drove from Mountain View into Telluride.

And some of my favorite photos from in the town of Telluride.


And as I left town....

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