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Thanks, Doctor


May 13, 2023

Yesterday I took care of some preliminaries before my back surgery on May 23. First up was Mt pre-op meeting with the surgeon's PA. He walked me through the surgery and the associated risks. Next I had my blood drawn to determine my platelet count, my blood type and two other tests that I don't recall. Then I was off to hospital itself for my anesthesia pre-op. Here I learned what medicines I should stop taking, when to stop eating and when to stop drinking. I had an EKG and then met with the anesthesiologist who kept telling me how lucky I was to be alive after my cardiac arrest. The eerieness of that day is as fresh today as it was in August 2016.

Six hours of prepping stuff. The surgery cannot happen soon enough -- I'm in some pretty good pain.

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May 14, 2023

I hope all goes well with your back surgery and you are able to resume travels soon.


May 13, 2023

Hoping there is limited post op pain and much relief afterwards. I guess TSA will truly love you walking thru airport security in the future. ✈️

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