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Thanks For Indulging Me

I have politics out of my system. At least in my blog posts. I dove into politics because I was curious to understand different perspectives and to challenge what I (think I) value. Thanks to all who have shared your perspectives with me. I am a wiser and more informed person thanks to you. I apologize if I offended or enraged anyone; that was never my intent!

As my son says, I’ve been dragging my anchor the past six months. I am back on the road soon and look forward to posting beautiful (hopefully) photos with some appropriate prose.

Anchors up! Thank you for your friendship. 🧡

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Sep 22, 2020

If you are heading due west to Colorado, here are a few things to catch:

St. Louis -- If you haven't done The Arch and the Museum, gotta go! Also, The Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis -- one of the largest Romanesque in the world, and STUNNING mosaics inside!!!

Lindsborg, KS -- Beautiful little town of Norwegian settlers, just south of Abilene

Abilene, KS -- Visit the Eisenhower Museum and Library -- impressive!!!

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