The Drive from Ashtown, AK to Paris, TX

Paris, Texas

December 8, 2019

Here's a roughly six-minute slideshow of my photos and videos from my 100-mile drive today.

The first few photos are from Arkansas. Have you ever seen a business that processes duck and deer (Cuttin' Up) or an advertisement for apartments made out of rail cars?

The last speed limit sign in Arkansas was for 65 mph. Then I crossed the Red River (it's not red) in Texas and things changed.

I had fun in Texarkana. The road I was on was the state line - in the middle of it. You can see signs on the telephone poles - one side is for Texas, one side is for Arkansas. Of course I had to walk across the street - and back. The Texarkana post office is half in Arkansas and half in Texas - nice they have a small fountain showing the border, too.

Then there are some shots of Texas. DeKalb, Texas is showing A Christmas Story this coming Saturday. Nice!

Almost every town I drove through in Texas had a doughnut, excuse me, donut store. Wow. And those remote ice machines are a big thing through the Southland.

The rest of the photos are of Texas. Note that the mascot in Detroit, Texas is an eagle and the "git-n-go" on the gas station sign.

And of course the cowboy hat on top of the Paris, Texas Eiffel Tower.

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