The Drive To Telluride


October 12, 2020

Telluride is about 45 miles from Ridgway State Park. Made the drive up here (8,800 feet) this morning. Even though I’ve missed most of the aspens (darn, I’ll need to come back earlier next year?) it was still a beautiful drive.

Lots of stores in the central area of the town are closed. Yet in the store where I purchased a t shirt (there are no “t shirt shops” in Telluride), the staff told me they have been extremely busy. Covid - people have escaped here. In my short time here it seems there are not many tourists and most people seem to belong here. I’m trying to pull off my “I’m not a tourist“ look - I suspect with limited success. I can’t pull off the beautiful people look.

Wendy lived here with her family when her Riley and Nick were young. Must have been an interesting experience - remote and affluent.

More videos and photos of my drive here:

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