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The Happiness Lab


September 19, 2022

This gal is pretty great.

I think she uses "happiness" as a marketing term to catch people's attention. What she really believes in is well being. She takes a scientific approach to the topic. Oftentimes I learn from her that things I thought would increase my well being have the opposite result. (So far she has not addressed collecting plastic cups & hats or ripping music -- which is probably a good thing).

So I am glad I found her.

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Sep 20, 2022

The “happiest” countries tend to be small- population wise. Probably makes it easier to feel a part of something which is a key element of well being for (some/many). Interesting observation about diversity. Had not thought about it in terms of well being. I would think diversity would make us stronger which would lead to greater well being? Now if we talking about another “d” word — divided — I agree that’s not good for well being. It seems to me the US is more divided these days than in recent history. Speaking of history, just started a new book “Cadillac Desert.” About water in the West. Quite good so far. Thanks Jeff Craigmile for the recommendation!


Sep 20, 2022

One of the principal teasons for the high happiness scores in Denmark is its ethnic homogeneity, which leads to a cultural homogeneity, mentioned as a foundation of happiness and mutual trust. That is also why we Americans were so successful for so long at happiness -- e pluribus unum..... No where in the report is the word, "diversity".....

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