The Italians Love James Brown!

September 22, 2020

James Brown performing in Rome in 1971. By that time the Fabulous Flames were no longer part of his show although Bobby Byrd (from the original Flames) appears as a background singer here. I learned today that in the beginning JB was part of the Fabulous Flames. But then he got famous and it was JB and the Fabulous Flames. Stardom. 😕

Note the two drummers. I believe a JB original, copied by the Allman Brothers. I wonder if the dancer suffered from repetitive moment disorder. 🤪. And check out the horn player on the far right - he's got some fancy spins with the horn.

Below is a video I think I have posted before from 1964. Unbelievable moves. The Flames are there - and there is one drummer.

We're not the same world without JB.

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