The Last Leg

Charlottesville, Virginia

March 26, 2020

Pulled into town this morning. I learned a few things yesterday.

St Louis borders Illinois which borders Indiana. I had no idea that I would drive through Illinois and Indiana to get to Kentucky.

I64 through West By God Virginia is one curvy road.

I drive by French Luck, Indiana - birthplace of Celtic great Larry Bird.

i feel a lot better when I get in my two Nalgenes of water per day.

Toyota makes a damn reliable car. 290,000 miles now on my 2004 Sequoia.

Driving 800 miles in one day is too much for me.

I64 terminates (starts) just west of St Louis.

I’m thinking now that I am here, I am ok if I catch the virus. My view is that until there is a vaccine, I will be at risk. I can’t live my life for months (years?) trying to avoid getting it. There is the risk that I get really sick but is there a better place to get sick than a town with two great hospitals?

Thanks for your continued interest in my walkabout. I am a different person that I was six months ago (in a good way). More metamorphosizing to come!!

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