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The Making of Pixar’s “Soul”

Laguna Sega Campground (I’m Back!)

March 24, 2021

Two shows have really moved me in the past few months - “Soul” was one and “In & Of Itself” was the other. Both helped me on my journey and affirmed that I am not alone in my quest/pursuit.

Terry Gross on “Fresh Air” interviewed the directors and writers of “Soul” on her show on Monday. Yeah, she’s a liberal, but her politics are not on display in this delightful interview. Talk about two creative and articulate people. Wow. I plan on watching “Soul” again this evening with their insight that “passion and purpose are two different things.”

Here’s a description of the podcast and a link to it:

The Making Of Pixar's 'Soul'

Fresh Air

The Oscar-nominated animated film imagines a place where souls are matched with unique passions. It follows Joe Gardner, a middle school band teacher and aspiring jazz musician, who nearly dies right after securing the gig of his life. Pete Docter and Kemp Powers say their movie is meant to challenge conventional notions of success and failure. We talk about lost souls, appreciating the small things, and early versions of the film. Also, Maureen Corrigan reviews Christine Smallwood's novel 'The Life of the Mind.'

Listen on Apple Podcasts:

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