The Mystery Of The Grilled Salmon

Courtyard By Marriott

Near SFO

May 12, 2021

Today is packing up day. Took an zuber to SFO and picked up Hi Ho Silver with my 50 percent off parking coupon. A wrinkle there. The credit card machine would not accept my credit card because the amount was too high. ☹️ I had to find a cashier. She was the happiest cashier I may have ever met.

Then I headed to my storage unit full of trepidation. When I loaded my unit six weeks ago I could have sworn I had a piece of grilled salmon with me for dinner. But after I packed the unit I couldn’t find it. I unpacked the unit but couldn’t find it. I packed the unit a second time fearing I would get a call about a fish smell emanating from my unit.

No call ever came.

I entered the storage building today hoping that no call meant no smell.

Yay, there was no fish smell! 🤪

But the question of what happened to my piece of grilled salmon remains unanswered. 🤔

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