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The Original Hog Hat

Clarksville, Arkansas

October 19, 2022

Any Razorback fan that has been to an Arkansas sports game has most likely seen some version of the hog hat or worn one themselves. However, they are less likely to have seen an original pressing of the hog hat, like this one that dates back to 1964. The University of Arkansas football team was ranked number 1 at the time and went on to win the Grantland-Rice Trophy on January 1, 1965. In university lore, it is thought that these helmets might have been used to bootleg liquor into the football stadium, as the snout would have been big enough for a liquor bottle to go undetected by security.

The hog hat is a quintessential Razorback item that has such significance to Arkansas fans because it embodies the traditions and school spirit that makes being a Razorback memorable. It is a physical reminder of every “Woo Pig Sooie” and walk past Old Main. Every person who has gone to the University or is a Hogs fan has some item that ties them back to the memories and feelings of being a part of this tradition, whether that be their own hog hat or another object. So why not toss your “hog” hat in the ring and share what that artifact is for you!

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