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The Rest Of My 24 Hours In Vegas

Henderson, Nevada

November 27, 2020

I like the above photo. "Silver Anne" wouldn't fit in Paris' garage. The valet fellow told me I could park in their RV lot two long blocks away. I told him my life's possessions were in the truck and said if I give you $20 can you park it out front here for 24 hours." I'd like to think it was the first part of that sentence that convinced him but pretty sure it was the $20. She sat here the whole time I was at Paris. Keen eyes may notice my bike is not on the back. I slipped it in the back of the truck for safe keeping. "Slipped" is actually not the right word. I would have had an easier time understanding string theory.

Here's a slideshow from the rest of my time in Vegas. There are some shots from inside the casino which I know is a no-no but I was discrete. There are a lot of shots from the top of the Eiffel Tower of the Strip at night. That 15 minute experience only cost me $28 so I made sure I took at least 28 photos! There was one poor lad up there (at about 480 feet) who was having real trouble with the height. I was surprised I did not.

There are some photos of the fountain show at the Bellagio which was pretty cool. I struck my George Clooney pose but I don't think anyone noticed.

Oh, I should add that some of the photos of the Eiffel Tower I took from my room on the 11th floor. That was only a $30 (pretax) upgrade charge but worth it in my case. Unfortunately the pool area was not open -- that would have been a fun place to get some photos of the tower.

I took today's photos on my way to and from the In 'n Out Burger 0.5 miles from Paris. I really have changed my diet because while the single with grilled onions and a large chocolate shake tasted really good at the time, I feel as though I swallowed a cinder block.

I hope you will agree that "Bad Luck" was a good choice for the soundtrack.

Here's a one minute video of the Bellagio fountain show:

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