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The Wall

The Wall

Meridian, Idaho

Courtyard By Marriott

August 1, 2021

I have sensed its presence. I have changed up a few things in order to keep it at bay. But I think it is here. The Wall. The “it is tough to get going” feelings and thoughts. Is it my lack of a plan eating away at my rational self? Is it the hot weather? Is it loneliness? Is it adding 17 Paris’ to my list? Is it too many dreams last night? Is it my regrets, the shoulds? It’s not one thing - it is likely all of those and more.

As I said to my friend Mark last week, I feel as though I am treading water in the shallow end.

I am not writing this post for anyone to feel sorry for me. No one should do that. I’m writing it to be honest with myself so when I look back on this blog I am reading how I really felt at the time.

Today I’ll hit pi, and if I drive seven plus hours I’ll get to Paris, Idaho. That’s my plan. I’m thinking I will knock out the Paris’ in North and South Dakota and hit Nebraska and Oklahoma. This is the time to make progress and not try to take it all in. I can‘t criticize myself for that so far — I think I’ve done a good job of smelling the roses.

One day at a time.

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