This Is A Fitting Sign

Clark, Colorado

October 7, 2020

First time I have seen this type of sign on my walkabout. It is such an appropriate sign for what I have seen in Colorado - lots of cyclists and joggers. They could have added a fourth icon - walkers. It is certainly a beautiful place to get outside. And while temperatures are pretty low (< 32 degrees) in the mornings, the sun warms your skin pretty quickly.

I‘be seen a number of cyclists with saddle bags telling me they are on multi day rides. One fellow camped in my campground the other night - he had a tent that was no larger than a sleeping bag. And these folks tackle long inclines in their lower gears just spinning away. I’m good on the granny gear for a few minutes

but these folks would seem to on it for 30, 45, 60 minutes.

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