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Titleist Ball Plant 3 To Scranton, Pennsylvania

Pilot Truck Stop

Scranton, Pennsylvania

April 19, 2022

Crazy -- I left the ball pant at 1 pm and got here at 7 pm. A couple of pit stops along the way. And I am not even as far west as Baltimore yet!

I took this route to avoid NYC and DC.

Until around 6 pm, I was in heavy traffic. Heavy traffic doing 75 mph that is. Kind of stressful. And then I hit snow.

The speeds made me think of the price of gas. Bitch, bitch, bitch about the price of gas but few seem to change their driving habits to use less. I realize I am just as guilty -- but I don't complain. I try to drive 65 mph (when that's the speed limit) and keep consistent with my speed. Even with over 300,000 miles on Hi Ho Silver, I am able to increase the average MPG over the lifetime of the truck.

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