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May 3, 2022

The forecast for today was cloudy; it is not. I am looking out my window right now and it is nothing but blue sky. It must be difficult to forecast here because this is the third straight day of sunny skies when the forecast was for either partly cloudy or cloudy. Not that I am complaining -- I came in at 2 pm having gotten enough sun for the day.

One good thing about my time here is that it has allowed me to acclimate to the warmer weather of summer. In Charlottesville I have noticed that it takes me at least a couple of weeks to adjust to the hotter temperatures. I prefer the hot to the cold -- it is just that the hot seems to take more out of me than it used to.

You'll notice from the above graphic that the dew point is 71 degrees. The following graphic puts that in context:

Bought myself another pound of shrimp today -- that's three pounds in the past five days. Threw them in some boiling water until they turned pink and after a cooling off period, I've been peeling and eating. Yum.

No photos yet today. I went to the pool instead of the beach. There is a cohort of "older" people here who gather around the pool and talk about such things as other people, the price of real estate, repairs, aches and pains, the weather back home and good handymen/people. I have drawn conclusions and made assumptions -- and am trying to be better than that. I am sure they are really nice folks.

I leave here on Thursday morning. I give myself an A+ for choosing to come here for 11 nights. It has been a great time. The beach is wonderful and having a pool to dive into has been an unexpected upside. I've been here long enough to develop a bit of a routine which makes the thought of leaving a bit of a challenge. Even after all my moving around on my wanderabout, I still sometimes find change something I need to lean into. At least now, I recognize the emotions and feelings it generates and embrace them as opposed to fighting them. I think I was here at a perfect time -- the weather has been great and the summer crowds are not here yet. I did little research on my Airbnb and it has turned out great -- everything I need. It is 750 square feet and I could probably even do with less. There is a tv that I have turned on once -- unlike the washing machine that I seem to have used almost daily.

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