Too/So Much To Do In And Around Bend


July 5, 2021

Bend is a bit overwhelming in terms of activities to do. And so many people exercise — I keep having this thought of I should [ run, cycle, hike, walk, kayak, paddle board, tube, climb, meditate…]. Paralysis caused by too many options — and then you layer in the options of where to do them.

And then top that off with guilt if I enjoy a cup of ice cream!

And then I remember. The shoulds are not my friend. I’ve done the one thing I was told I had to do - tube. And there is no way to optimize what I do. Enjoy what I’m doing in the moment and make a list of what to do when I return!

Bend is a beautiful place with a number of expensive homes. It is also a place that is growing rapidly and is a tourist hub year round. What do you think if you bought a house for $5 to $10 million and the roads are always slammed with visitors?

I got some insight from a Bender today. He said most people that move here think they are athletic. Once they are here, they find out they need to try very hard to continue to feel that way. (There are many elite athletes here.)

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