Trappers Lake, Colorado to Gunnison Gorge National Conservation Area

Gunnison Gorge NCA, Colorado

October 7, 2020

Today’s journey took me through remote and rugged Colorado. At times I thought I was in New Mexico or Arizona with the rugged rock mountains. I started the day at 9700 feet came down to 5500 feet and then over 10,000. I believe I am at about 5600 feet at my site for the night. I’m on a mountain high above the Gunnison River , down a three mile four-wheel drive washed out road. I doubt I will have any company tonight.

The first 50 miles of my drive this morning was just to get back to a county road. I will truly off the grid last night. My goal was to make it to Crested Butte; I ended up three hours short of that. 🤪. The closest twin to me is Austin, Colorado, about 10 miles away. It is 86 degrees at 430 pm - I’m enjoying the warmth after a couple of sub 32 degree nights. Lots of smoke here. I’m not sure what the right term is to describe this area — high desert maybe? Rather flat with mountains on the horizon.

Todays observations:

- you don’t see college stickers on any vehicles out here.

- lots of pickup trucks pulling trailers of either ATVs or horses.

- lots of nothing. The kind of area you fill up the gas tank every time you see a gas station

- no nationwide fast food places - I’m getting by on my Turkey slices and string cheese. Not tgst I would eat at a fast food place anyhow!!!

Ill let the photos tell the rest of the story.

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