Trashtros @ Athletics

Oakland Coliseum (Or Is It Ring Time Coliseum?)

May 17, 2021

Game time was 6:40 pm.

I left my hotel and walked the blue dot path. It should have come with a warning. The first part was through an area where the houses had 8 foot tall wire fences around them with BMWs, Tahoe’s, etc in the driveway. Lots of pit bulls and German Shepard’s. Then I came across an 6 block area where people were living on the street. There were tents, old vans and RVs. Everything looked tattered. It was both sad and appalling. It looked third world. The Coliseum is a sad sight, too. It looks old and tired on the outside and in the concourses. The field itself is beautiful. There are a couple of big screens to bring the stadium into the 21st century. But it lacks the charm and character I expect from an older stadium. And the seats are just too darn far from the diamond.

It was neat that they played the Tower of Power (from Oakland) prior to the game.

The PA announcer was a woman, just like at the Giants game.

Lovely entry way to the fifth oldest park in the MLB.

But a baseball field is beautiful no matter what the stadium looks like.

Rickey Henderson Field.

Retired numbers. Hard to believe Eckersley was so good here and in Boston. Starter who became a reliever? And Jackson in New York.

The fans want the A‘s to stay in Oakland I don’t see that happening — too small a market.

The boo birds came out for the Trashtros.

Attendance is limited to 12,000. They are probably close to that. Large majority wearing gold and green.

Guest Services took his sign away after this display.

Middle of the fifth.

This pitcher’s motion hurts my arm.

Will Smith.

A’s came from behind to win 6-5. I caught an Uber back to my hotel. Best $14 I spent all day. By the start of the sixth inning it was chilly even with my puffer jacket on.

I am happy I went to the game. I had lots of memories of Sal Bando, Vida Blue, the Bash Brothers, Catfish Hunter. It would be sad if the team relocates. Having lost the Warriors and the Raiders, losing the A’s would be, I suspect, devastating to the city.

Something about attending a baseball game. Yes, it is slow but it is also beautiful.

PS. The A’s second baseman made a flying catch that has to be the top play of the day. Cool that a journalist caught this layout on his camera!

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