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Two Legs Of A Triangle - Catalina State Park to Roper Lake State Park

Roper Lake State Park

February 28, 2020

If you can find Tucson on the map, just above it is Catalina where I spent the past few night. Almost directly east from Catalina is Roper Lake which is where I am for the next two nights. You'll notice the lack of a direct route between the two - I took Arizona 77 North to where it intersects with US 70 East which I took the rest of the way to Roper Lake. It was a beautiful drive - lots of mountains and up and down roads - nothing like the flatness between Phoenix and Tucson. It was a cloudy day so my photos don't jump out at you as they do on sunny days but I think I got some good ones.

Hope you enjoy this four-minute slideshow of photos from my drive - there is a Globe, a Biosphere, a Geronimo, a Shiflet and some funny road signs (at least to me!). The soundtrack? The O'Jays "Livin' For The Weekend" since it is Friday evening.

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