Tygart Lake State Park, West Virginia to Blue Ash Neighborhood of Cincinnati

Cincinnati Blue Ash, Ohio

September 26, 2020

A comfortable night sleep in the back of the truck at Tygart Lake State Park. If I had had more time, there is plenty to do at this park. Hiking, biking and fishing were there to be had.

My drive started out with going through Grafton, a town of around 5,000 people. Time has taken it's toll on the town - it looks rundown. At one time, this B&O train station must have been quite a sight. It sits empty now.

Factoid - Mother's Day started in Grafton, so, of course, there is a Mother's Day Shrine.

This DQ was not open yet when I drove by, which was fine with me. I'm a diet.

Route 50 was a four-lane road in the western half of West Virginia. Not much sign of fall yet.

Deer Walk, West Virginia. Not much to see. I thought this photo captured the essence of the community.

Of course a place like Deer Walk will have a road named "Fawn Road."

Crossed over the Ohio River to go from West Virginia into Ohio. It reminded me of early in my career when I managed my company's ownership in a 37 MW run-of-river hydro plant on the Ohio River. It was located in New Martinsville, West Virginia at a Corps of Engineers lock and dam. A plant that size is a bit of a toy compared to say a nuclear power plant but it makes it easier to learn all about it. Spent a lot of time maximizing the output of that plant - which many times meant sending pizza to the Corps' folks controlling the flow over the dam - or preferably through our two turbines. Project was financed with a leveraged lease and was one of the most complicated financings I ever dealt with.

Coolville, Ohio.

Clearly I had a thing for dead-end signs today. Got a chuckle out of the "Cemetery Street" and "Dead End."

This sign was a first. Variable speed? I prepared myself for anything!

Sticking to my plan of taking Route 50 as far as I can. I'm comforted by the fact that 50 is covered in Blue Highways.

While the trees aren't showing much color, some of the fields are. This part of Ohio is very agricultural.



I was tempted by this fish fry set up in one of the many small towns I passed through. But what kind of fish do they fry in Ohio? I decided not to find out.


This situation had real potential for being a great photo. But the clouds had rolled in and after waiting 30 minutes for the sun to illuminate the corn field, I decided it was time to move on. So I got this average shot. Bummed.

But of course the sun came out 15 mile down the road. I came away thinking this was a soybean field.

Route 50 in Ohio.

I arrived in Cincinnati several hours after I had planned to. I was greeted by this great sign.

As I worked my way into Cincinnati I came into Milford and a community called Indian Hills. Very upscale. Indian Hills had enormous homes situated on several acres apiece. I later found out that many of the Reds' and Bengals' players live there.

After striking out at three state parks (all camping sites taken) before Cincinnati I ended up checking into a Courtyard by Marriott. Note to self - campsites are at a premium on Friday and Saturday nights. You would think I would have remembered that.

Here is a closer look at my route for the day:

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