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Unanticipated Consequences

Charlottesville, Virginia

January 30, 2020

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“Wait, where is my gym bag? My clothes? My phone? My keys?” My body leot into overdrive as I found my mind both racing and battling to slow down. “How did someone figure out my locker code? Who wo

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11 févr. 2020

Most individuals have placed their loyalty with one of the two parties which have amassed power under our political system. Many individuals have become so reliant on a centralized government to think for them, to solve for them, they are not capable of rational dialogue. Self reliance has been jettisoned with the government seen as an endless reservoir to provide something for them regardless of actual need. Our systems have produced generations of receivers rather than givers.


31 janv. 2020

Yet another excellent treatise by Brother Nesbit! Interesting framework of having constitutional crises every 70 years.....

May I add one more resource: a new book by Christopher Caldwell entitled "The Age of Entitlement". I heard a talk by the author, with questions and answers last night, ironically, and bought two copies if the book. I had read about it from several reviews.

The basic thrust is that Progressives, since the 1960s, have created a parallel interpretation of the Constitution, and the friction between them and the rest of the country is coming to a head. The Election of 2016 was a pause in our descent into tyranny, and this fall's election will be equally important.

Say what you will about…


30 janv. 2020

The country has been divided several times. The great divides happen about every 70 years. 1770-1776 a large faction developed desiring to split from Great Britain and decided to go to war to achieve divorce from Great Britain. Historians estimate about 33% of the citizens were loyal to the Crown, 33% were in favor of independence, and 33% were ambivalent. A minority won and succession was achieved in 1783. The first crisis required the violence of war to resolve. Many of the loyalists lost their property and returned to England or moved to Canada after the war since they were pariahs in the new "free" USA.

From 1850 to 1860 the Northern abolitionist movement to end slavery in the South…

30 janv. 2020

Chuck. Wow. That is an elegant telling of our evolution. I’m very impressed by knowledge! I am new to this subject of government. I think that is mostly a result of the pendulum not swinging too far right or left until recently (my perspective) so I never felt compelled to get involved. Our current situation has changed that for me. I am not a Republican or a Democrat. I vote based on what makes sense to me. I did not vote for Trump and I won’t later this year. Perhaps he has done some good things (e.g.,standing up to China) but I strongly disagree with most of his positions. From my travels I understand why people voted for him - t…


30 janv. 2020

For those who perceive eliminating the Senate (representative of the states) and the Electoral College (the states choose the president not a national vote of the people), would result in better government, I submit for consideration governance in the United States in the period from 1865 to 1900. In 1865 the South was devastated and defeated from a 4 year Civil War, the last year of which included a war of destruction and terrorism targeted at the civilian population in the south.

At the end of the war the slaves were freed and essentially forgotten by the victorious federal government and the citizens of the northern states who funded and provided manpower for the victory over the South. The Sout…

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