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VDOT Comes Through


June 21, 2023

Maybe I have too much time on my hands. Maybe my wanderabout made me more observant. Likely it's a combination of those factors and more. I noticed that many of the road signs on Polo Grounds Road are over covered with algae and are blocked by tree limbs. I reached out to Albemarle County and received a call from a kind gentlemen who told me that VDOT is responsible for the signs. He suggested I contact them along with a "good luck."

I submitted an email to VDOT on Friday describing the condition of the road signs. I was a bit stunned this morning to see a VDOT employee cleaning one of the signs. I stopped to thank him which I think he genuinely appreciated. He said the signs were in such poor shape that he is going to order new ones.

I feel good that I reached out. I feel even better that I stopped and talked with the worker. In the past, I probably would not have done either one. But by reaching out, I take comfort that in a couple of months driving on Polo Grounds Road might be just a little safer.

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