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Visiting Brooklyn


October 14, 2023

I took the 855 am Northeast Regional from Charlottesville to New York. $50 to park for a week at the Cville station. Grabbed a Wawa Turkey sub on my way to the station; it served as both lunch and dinner. I had a pleasant trip in the Quiet Car. I must admit that riding the train brought back memories of times I wish I could go back and fix.

Instead of dropping $50 on an Uber, I walked to the F train on 23rd Street and for $2.90 took the subway to Brooklyn. I debarked one stop too early and learned why this area is called Park Slope -- I had to walk uphill for about a mile (well, not quite).

Yesterday was a beautiful weather day. While Courtney was at work I watched Clarke & Daisy and then walked around Park Slope Park.

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