Walkabout Update - How Many States?

Boulder, Colorado

Christmas Day 2020

Thanks to Julie and Courtney for this very cool map that allows me to graphically show the states I have been to on my walkabout. My criterion is that I spent at least one night in the state.

As to the logical next question, the answer is:

Paris, Maine (summer of 2018)

Paris, Virginia

Paris, Ohio

Paris, Kentucky

Paris, Tennessee

Paris Mountain, South Carolina

Paris, Arkansas

Paris, Mississippi

Paris, Texas

Paris, Kansas,

Paris, Las Vegas, Nevada

That’s 11 Paris’ in the books.

I’m still trying to figure out how there is not a Paris, Louisiana.

As for the remaining Paris’:

Paris, Oregon (need to confirm)

Swainsboro, Georgia (it was named Paris)

Paris, Idaho

Paris, Iowa

Paris, Wisconsin (there may be more than one)

Paris, Michigan

Paris, Illinois

Loraine, California (fka Paris)

Paris, Missouri

Paris, Indiana

Paris, New York

Beresford, South Dakota (fka Paris)

Paris, Ohio (there are two in Ohio)

Paris, New Hampshire

14 to go.

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