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San Luis Obispo, California

March 8, 2021

I admit I am fan of Whole Foods. I buy the same thing each time — red seedless grapes, another fruit or two, a couple of pre-made salads, two or three pieces of cooked salmon (grilled is my current favorite) as well as cheese and crackers. What I don’t buy are Dr Pepper and Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies - because they don’t carry them! So net net, I spend what I would at another grocery store but it’s healthier food.

At the Whole Foods in Santa Barbara last week I was confronted with a “point of purchase” display of sweets. I am (often/sometimes/never) able to resist the temptation. Not this time. In a weak moment, I grabbed a bag as seen above. Dark chocolate is not as bad as milk chocolate, right?

When I got back to my campsite, the bag of peanut butter cups was empty. Who had eaten the whole bag?? I looked in the mirror - the guilty party starred back at me.

Donn’t let this happen to you. These treats are called UNREAL for a reason. I had to walk five miles just to make a dent in my calorie overload. 🙁🤔

Whole Foods, you let me down!!

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