Westport to Eureka — No! Audible To Shelter Cove -- June 2, 2021

Miranda Gardens Cottages

Miranda, California

June 5, 2021

When I set out from Westport this morning my goal was get to Eureka. From there I could detour over to Happy Camp. Yes, that really is the name of a town.

Well, I didn’t get to Eureka. I got as far as Garberville when I saw a sign pointing westward to King Range. So I headed west and ended up back on the coast at a remote hamlet named Shelter Cove. But let me back up.

Within 10 miles of leaving Westport, the PCH headed northeast away from the coast. The approximately 20 miles from that point to Legget, which is where the PCH ends, was about the the curviest road I have ever driven. The road curved and went up and down through a thick redwood forest. I probably averaged 20 mph for those last 20 miles.

Legget is pretty much just a crossroad where the PCH hits US 101. I take that back - it is also home of a redwood tree you can drive through - unless you are driving Hi Ho Silver with a roof top carrier. I still paid my $10 to see the tree. While there a couple asked me to take their picture. They were recreating a 40 year old photo of her parents inside a hollowed out redwood. I know they could have asked anyone but it made me feel good to help them out.

Within a few miles of leaving there I was attracted to a tourist trap called Confusion Mountain. I was confused as to what the attraction was so I kept my wallet in my pocket.

Next stop was Garberville. Since it had two exits off of US 101 I thought it might have a library whose WiFi I could use. Found the library but it was closed. After restocking my Yeti and grabbing a quesadilla, I headed back to US 101. Which is when I saw the sign for King Range.

You might recognize Fontella Bass' voice in the soundtrack to this 3 minute slideshow.

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