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What If Buffett Had Not Sung “He Went To Paris” At JPJ That Night?


July 4, 2021

My random thought generator (my mind) came up with a shocking question this morning out of nowhere. What if Jimmy Buffett had not sung “He Went To Paris” at JPJ on March 31, 2018?

The above graphic is from the website It confirms what I thought intuitively — Buffett does not perform the song often — certainly not in the United States.

I remember as he sang the song at JPJ that night I felt as though he was singing it to me. It wasn’t like everyone else in the audience disappeared like in the movies, but I felt such a resonance when he sang “he went to Paris looking for answers that bother him so.”

What if that moment had not happened?

It scares me to consider the answer. What if I had continued to shuffle through each work week pretending that I was not reliving “Groundhog Day?” Not having a purpose that inspired me. Basically continuing to do the same thing over snd over expecting a different result.

I know I would not have had the guts to retire. I never would have thought of going on a walkabout (it never had been a bucket list item). I would have no clue that there are somewhere north of 30 Paris’ in the United States.

I have a 99 percent confidence level that this would be me:

Thanks, Mister Buffett. For being part of what saved my soul. I’m not sure where this story is going but I feel pretty confident that it is going to be at a minimum interesting and maybe possibly even — exciting and meaningful. 🤪

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