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Where Does Growth Come From?

Isla Vista, California

February 28, 2021

Clayton Christensen is a giant in the field of strategy formulation, although not as well known perhaps as his HBS colleague. Michael Porter. If you watch the video, he will explain that his ”clumsiness“ is the result of chemotherapy and a stroke. I may be retired but I still love the insights folks like Christensen provide. I find his “don’t focus on the customer” insight to be enlightening. I focused on the customer and never got it right. (Actually Darden taught me there is no “the customer.” There are many customers, hopefully.)

You might recall I posted about Mister Christensen before. He wrote the book, “How Will You Measure Your Life.” Hmmm - might be time to go back and review my notes on that book.

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Mar 03, 2021

That was the most interesting and informative 1:21 I have spent in months!!! Just bought his book, forwarded the URL to several people, and will keep this in my Flagged box for quite some time! Thanks, Lucian!

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