Which One Is It?

Coos Bay

June 24, 2021

Do you think it is a store that caters to mini pets or it’s a pet store that is small.

It is neither — it’s a good-sized store that has things for hamsters up to horses.

On another topic. I talked to a gentleman at the Coos Bay Visitor Center (where I scored a ton of good free publications) about how Coos Bay has changed. He said it used to be an industrial town - commercial fishing, limber and agriculture. He said now it’s a semi-tourist town — not like Bandon and Newport that he said are tourist towns.

I hope we as a country are going to bring back some manufacturing to our country. The cost of our outsourcing manufacturing to other countries with cheaper labor has taken an awfully big toll on communities throughout the US. I’ve been immune to the damage because I’ve never lived anyplace that relied heavily on manufacturing for its economic base. Only so many industrial towns can successful transition to tourist towns. And even if they do, the jobs in tourist towns don’t support a middle class the way manufacturing does.

Milton Freidman was wrong.

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