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Who Has The Right To Comment

The Ice Box (14 degrees in Hi Ho)

Eureka, Nevada

December 14, 2022

When the CEO of Disney makes a statement about a Florida law or Lebron James says something about social injustice, they are criticized and told to stay in their lane. Companies are told to stay out of politics (but thanks for funding my PAC).

Those same critics says nothing when Musk says Fauci should be prosecuted and makes fun of those who don't use traditional pronouns. Funny, isn't Musk a CEO?

It's one or the other -- stay in your lane or everyone has a right to comment.

Post Script. Separately, Musk has a transgender child. His comment about the pronouns seems inconsistent with what a supportive father (or CEO) would believe. It ain't about the pronouns, Mister Musk; it's about the person.

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