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Who Is "Billy Fox?"

Montair Resort

February 8, 2022

There's a lot to unpack here. I played my only year of organized baseball when I was 8 years old. After that year I went to Aiken Prep School where the school day lasted from 8 am to 630 pm, thereby precluding me from playing Aiken Little League or Pony League.

I played for SOC, which owned several gas stations in Aiken. My coach was Mr. Tom Saunders who worked for my dad at the Savannah River Plant. I remember distinctly playing first base which must have meant I could catch the ball. I also remember being a pitcher -- one who had to overcome the fear of hitting the batter. From the above articles from the Aiken Standard, it appears I must have been a pretty good hitter as well.

Oh, don't see my name in the articles. Back then I was known as Billy Fox, in spite of the fact that my given name was Lucian Walter Fox, Jr. The neurons that remember those days are not working all that well these days but my mother had a brother named Bill. I have this vague memory that she was the one who insisted I be called Billy. Lord, no wonder I am so screwed up!!

As a kid I loved to practice baseball with my dad. Even though I didn't play organized ball, my dad would also play catch, hit fly balls (in the street) and play pepper (in the side yard) with me. I don't recall him every saying "not now" when I would ask him to play. I also don't recall him coaching me while we played; he just stoically would catch and hit as long I wanted him to.

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