Williams, Arizona To Monument Valley, Utah To Moab, Utah On November 29, 2020

Boulder, Colorado

December 2, 2020

Still in catch-up mode. Sunday I drove from Williams, Arizona to Moab. The highlight of the drive (beside the sunset I have already posted about) was driving through Monument Valley. To an extent, other places have impressed me more because everywhere you look is "wow." Examples would be the Grand Canyon and Zion. Monument Valley is vast, and you see mesa/buttes/whatever they are called far away and you spend the next 20 minutes driving toward them. So it is a different experience. But glad I did it.

Can you figure out which photo is where I was at the "Tom Hanks Point" from Forest Gump? I got into Monument Valley and thought I'd look it up on my cell phone. One problem. No bars in Monument Valley. So I drove through it and when I got to a place with cell service I found out it was 19 miles back where I had come from. So, of course, I turned around and drove back to it. Turns out I had stopped 0.5 miles from it on my first time through.

And how about the town named Mexican Hat? Turns out there is Mexican Water, too.

I apologize that some of the photos are out of order. It's the two-camera problem.

I'm not sure how they pronounce "Monticello" in Utah. It was a quaint little town with wind turbines!

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