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Downtown Pearisburg, Virginia

June 9, 2022

Just to be clear why Mister Smith’s name is not listed alphabetically with the others. The memorial would be different if erected today (the names on the World War II plaque are not segregated (assuming among the names is that of a Black man)). I‘m pausing to contemplate whether that means those feelings no longer exist in Giles County.

MAKING MY ASSUMPTION EXPLICIT — in some cases, I assume that racial biases are generational especially when multiple generations live close. Perhaps my assumption is wrong.

Headed to Charlottesville this morning. Old ways of thinking are cropping up — sadness my wanderabout is almost over, change from being on the road for the past two and a half months. I’m proud I recognize my unhelpful thoughts these days and mitigate those thoughts turning into feelings.

I have a lot I am excited about. Getting my body and swing ready for Pinehurst next weekend. Three weeks with my buddy Ginny. Going to the gym. Eating some salmon and vegetables. Seeing my friends. Going to the gym (I know I said it twice! 🤪). Another golf outing in late August. Seeing my kids and two of my grand dogs in the next six weeks. The memories I cherish. And making somebody’s day today, tomorrow an every day — at least trying to.

Here I go…

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Jun 13, 2022

This is a good example of perspective in assessing things we see and encounter. As you may know, Woodrow Wilson segregated the armed forces shortly after becoming President. That means it is almost certain that Thomas Smith did not die as a result of active combat as most of the rest of the boys did.....

Given that fact, as well as the fact that Giles County had probably less than 5% Black population back then (it is 1.42% today), I think it is remarkable and refreshing that the good people of Giles County included Mr. Smith on the memorial!!!

Jun 13, 2022
Replying to

Really?? You think it reflects well on the county that he “made the list?” The plaque doesn’t say these men died in combat, just not Mister Smith. BTW, this plaque is in an area where a black man was lynched in 1927. We are both making assumptions which bias our perspectives.

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