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Writing Christmas Cards

Boulder, Colorado

December 18, 2020

The scene out my window

As I write my Christmas cards

What do I write to her?

Geez, this shouldn’t be this hard.

Where did I put that address?

I know I had it last year.

Probably with those pants

In a storage unit in Cville I fear.

Isn’t wrapping presents and

Writing cards meant to be fun?

How come all I can think about

Is when the hell will I be done?

Ha! I‘m just kidding. Soon my card

To you will be on its way

With the turmoil at USPS

With luck you’ll receive it by May.

I hope you like the ornament

They turned out better than planned

Trump says to drink the contents

I say it’s better on your hand.

I should probably run these verses

Through a meter checker online

But if I got the meter right,

You might think the poem’s not mine.

So read this like Springsteen lyrics

with a random meter - that’s the ticket.

If you have a complaint

You know where you can stick it. 🤪

Oops! That last verse would be

An awfully terrible way to end

This Christmas I am grateful to

Count you among my friends.

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1 Comment

Dec 19, 2020

Very nice!!!

Read it twice!

Viewing ice --

Very precise!

Burma Shave!

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