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“You Bring Your Weather With You”

Sedona, Arizona

January 22, 2021

During a visit to Bermuda years ago, it was cloudy and rainy most every day. Not the type of weather you want on a vacation. On the way to the airport to fly back to the States, I commented (complained?) about the weather to our driver, a Mister Samuel Matthews. He said, “You bring your weather with you.” The world stopped for a few moments as I digested the incredible gift he had just given me.” It is only cloudy and gloomy if you choose it to be cloudy and gloomy.

Mister Matthews would be disappointed how poorly I have lived by that insight. But almost no stormy day goes by without me thinking of his encouragement.

Perhaps over the next few days I will heed his advice — I am pretty excited about the prospect of seeing some snow. I’ve been waiting to try out my “micro spikes” I got in Boulder for walking on ice. 🤪

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