Zion - My Hike

Zion National Park, Utah

November 13, 2020

Yesterday I returned to Zion to go on a hike. The weather forecast was for a cloudy day which kind of bummed me out - it is much more fun to take photos when it is sunny. As you will see, "cloudy" turned into "partly cloudy" for most of the day which provided some great light to take photos.

The first part of my slideshow is photos from my drive through the park. Similar to yesterday's photos but the light was different. The second and longest part of the slideshow documents my hike to Angels' Landing. I had fully intended to hike to the Emerald Pools which is classified as a "moderate" hike. But when I saw the number of out of shape people taking the Scout Lookout strenuous hike, I called an audible. "Strenuous" out here appears to mean something different than back east; it was really hard! Some of the photos will give you a perspective on the incline; it was basically a long series of switchbacks.

Angels' Landing is rock formation that juts out from the mountain; you use a chain to guide yourself up the landing. The sign at the base said only 10 people have died there since 2004; it did not say how many had been critically injured. I am on an adventure but I have my limits -- I did not go up the landing.

There was a lot of huffing and puffing going on with the hikers; of course there were several youngsters who ran the trail. It occurred to me on the way up that I was "shallow" breathing and perhaps that was the cause of my huffing and puffing. Deeper breathing helped some but my BPS was certainly way above my training zone. 🤪

It was fun at the end of the hike; as people milled around waiting for the shuttle bus as we a group of strangers exchanged smiles for what we had accomplished.

Glad I did it. Proof that my heart is strong.

Made me think of Dave Matthews -- ants marching.

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