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Zion National Park — I Was Not Prepared For This

Zion National Park

November 11, 2020

This morning I drove the 30 miles from Kanab to the eastern entrance to Zion National Park. I was a bit lethargic about the day having already been blown away by the four other national parks in Utah. I figured Zion would be on par with the others.

Wrong. Holy cow. The size of the rock formations and the variety of colors. I couldn’t put my camera down. Everywhere I looked was something jaw dropping ly beautiful.

I spent almost all my time today on the Canyon Observation Point Trail. After that I drove to the visitor center and got my bearing for my return trip tomorrow. Zion has a shuttle bus you must take if you want to go on the Scenic Trail. And you need to buy tickets in advance. I got lucky and purchased a ticket for tomorrow at 9 am. I say lucky because there are many days the rest of the month when the tickets are sold out already. I’m going to hike 5 miles in Emerald Pools area tomorrow.

It was very busy at the visitor center. I commented as such to a ranger who informed me that it was a slow day. Yikes! Pretty sure I wouldn’t want to be here when it is busy. She said it has been busy all fall and that is even without their usual influx of foreign tourists.

So many photos I just threw them into an 11 minute slideshow. The music is by George Winston. My favorite photo might be the RV with "Waldo" on the back.

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