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September 16, 2021

I get that some - perhaps many - people find these aphorisms tiresome and a waste of time. I am not one of those. I enjoy how much wisdom is shared in so few words.

I have read this card many times over the years. Today I had a reaction to it that I have not had before - that these words are another way of defining the growth mindset.

For too long I labored understand the misguided belief that I am who I am. That my DNA defined who I am and that my characteristics, attitudes and skills were fixed and there wasn’t much - in fact, nothing - I could do to expand beyond


But we can become who we want to become. And this card identifies several of the ways we can do that. In a potential obtuse way, that’s what “anchors up” means to me. That I can jettison those thoughts that no longer serve me and find new ones that do help me live the life I want to live.

I am giving myself a C for how I have expressed my thoughts here. Damn words seem inadequate. I’ll keep trying to express myself more precisely.

The 2x4 reference? I am referring to how this card hit me upside my head today.

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