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August 26, 2022

The black circle marks where I am staying. It is Friday evening and THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO HERE. The gym is a half block away; Friday After Five is at Ting Pavilion -- lots of people walking by with their lawn chairs. Today's band is Boxed Lunch -- "a Charlottesville VA based indie pop/rock band led by the melodic songwriting duo of Justin Storer (drums/vocals) and Joel Streeter (guitar/vocals), along with Emily Gardiner (vocals), Zack Beamer (bass/vocals) and Chad Page (lead guitar). Boxed Lunch is known for their high-energy live shows and killer harmonies." Then there is just your usual Friday evening crowd wandering around the Mall looking for food and drink.

Good -- it's raining now so I don't feel bad about missing out. Actually, I am not missing out as the Koesters are coming over to share a meal!

Net week I go to Friday After Five -- the band next week is 100 Proof Band. They are described as:

Inspired by many music genres. 100 Proof Band and Show brings an array of local musicians that collectively blend a broad range of music, to produce one sound. Funk, R&B, Jazz, Neo Soul. Combined with the soulful sound of the Latin conga it's sure to capture your music pleasure. 100 Proof Band and Show took the stage 6 years ago and have since been climbing the ladder of bands in Virginia showcasing its talents across the state and as far as West Virginia. With a high-octane pace and nonstop music sets, 100 Proof Band satisfies the musical and dancing desires of its fans.

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