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“Cannery Row”

Monterey, California

March 14, 2021

Yesterday was a rest day where I accomplished a lot of sitting around my campsite. Seems I was spoiled by the sun and warmth of Southern California — I’m adjusting the overcast skies and cooler temperatures of the Central Coast. If I could order up some weather for today it would be sunny and 75 degrees; instead cloudy with 55 degrees.

I listened to the audiobook version of Steinbeck’s “Cannery Row“ yesterday. Sitting in my lounge chair, I found myself closing my eyes and visualizing what Steinbeck was describing. I was captured by the words he chose — they were so descriptive. I spent many years writing to convey facts — this led to that and then.... I marvel at the skill of painting a detailed picture using only words. It is such a wonderful gift to describe the characters and their situations so that I know the characters and can feel their feelings.


I took zero photos yesterday. That may be a first for this trip.

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