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August 25, 2021

Feels strange to say that my month-long drive across the country has left me tired. I guess I had gotten used to days in between “long” drives.

It also seems strange to say that there’s a lot of traffic in West Virginia. I have gotten used to deserted roads.

Speaking of roads, I am so happy I decided to drive “blue highways.” I have seen so much real America. I’m grateful to have the time to wander.

I am also grateful for the opportunity to see so many places and meet many people from around the country. I had been caught up in my own world. I hope I can maintain this broader perspective.

I am disappointed I haven’t lost those 20 pounds, built up to 50 push-ups, read more books. I work on not beating myself up but there’s a lot to work on. Oh, and gotten my flexible.

And I still use the word “but.”

Frustrated I don’t make more of a difference. I try to remember that each day is a new opportunity.

I try to remember each day how lucky I am. Especially for my friends and kids.

Indiana is a strange place to me. It is like vanilla ice cream - ok but nothing stands out.

That drive as you leave Lexington toward Louisville is one of the prettiest I have seen.

I think I got used to cooler weather. The heat feels good initially but then it just overpowers me.

I hope I’ve become a better person.

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