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Chicago Union Station Metropolitan Lounge

January 2, 2023

An well-done lounge. Grade A-. Washington's lounge was a C/C-.

Hung out here from 9 am to 215 pm. I did not explore around outside of the station. Perhaps I could have. I drafted an email and stretched (although I can do more).

Now I've boarded the Southwest Chief. If I had my druthers, I'd be on the California Zephyr that goes to Denver, Provo to San Francisco. That route goes over the Rockies and then over the Sierras. I then could have linked with the Coadt Starlight which runs along the Pacific Coast to LA. Unfortunately I could not get on that train for three more days.

A reason for another adventure on Amtrak!

If I understand correctly, the room I am in would be the same price for two. Makes $1800 sound more reasonable!

This car is newer than the one I was on from DC to Chicago. Also, on this leg I am on the upper deck and on the right side -- both opposite from my situation on the Capitol Limited.

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