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Crescent City To Klamath

Crescent City, California

June 12, 2021

A bit under the weather today. I took a short drive to Klamath to get a change of scenery snd backfill on the part of US 101 I missed when I went to Happy Camp.

(I forgot to write that when I was in Happy Camp, the gas station was out of gas - I had to drive to O’Brien, Oregon to fill up. Forty miles.)

A foggy morning. And black sand.

I thought this was neat looking old church.

Lots of ways to see the redwoods. I still like Avenue of the Giants the best, but US 101 south of Crescent City is great, too.

Go figure. I save my $20 and did not venture into this attraction. But lots of folks were going in.

Bummed that there is no road sign for False Klamath. It got its name because the first explorers thought this location was the mouth of the Klamath River.

Now I am lounging in my truck with my fan (thanks Coach Harris) on — not as loud as a box fan but it is still a nice white noise sound. Diverticulosis has been dormant for a long time — fortunately I travel with ginger and peppermint pills that help with the cramping. Blah.

Data from this morning:

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