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December 7, 2022

Vernal, Utah

December 7, 2022

Time to saddle up and move westward.

There's a Wells Fargo here so I stopped by this morning to get some change -- $5s, $1s and quarters.

Why is it so hard to get a close shave in the soft areas of my neck?

Gray day -- they usually affect my mood. Still trying to figure out whether it is today.

L.L. Bean flannel-lined khakis. This is probably Day 25 (straight) of me wearing these pants (I have washed them). These are the best pants in the world for cold weather. Love 'em.

Today I think I am headed Spanish Fork, Utah -- south of Provo. Tomorrow maybe Great Basin National Park. I've seen the Great Salt Lake, don't much care for all the traffic between Provo and SLC so I'm passing on the Promotory Summit where the First Transcontinental railway came together. Can't see everything.

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