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30 Minutes East of Cumberland, Maryland

(According to the schedule)

January 1, 2023

Dinner. The food you'd expect on a domestic first class flight. Chicken Parmesan, salad and roll. The Capitol Limited eliminated a true dining car during Covid. The attendant delivered the microwaved food in a bag promptly at 6 pm as I requested. I was unusually hungry and wolfed down the food without appreciating the taste, if there was any. Highlight was probably the mini bottle of Chardonnay that did have a nice taste. The attendant said the train west from Chicago will have real food, a chef and a dining car. He's been working this same train for the past 17 years -- he's not a fan if the reduced service.

Internet is going in and out. I'm watching Bad Day at Black Rock, a 1955 Spencer Tracey movie I downloaded before I got in the train. Great cast. Filmed in Lone Pine, California.

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