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Hi Ho Silver Making Funny Sounds

Custer, South Dakota

November 18, 2022

Hi Ho Silver started making these sounds when I arrived in Rapid City. I thought maybe it was just the cold and that it would just "go away." Avoidance is not usually a good strategy.

After I went to Mount Rushmore today I headed to a small community called Hill City and called upon the local mechanic. The sign on the door said "closed Fridays" but the door was unlocked and the owner was in.

He brought is flashlight and looked in the engine -- he said "something's been leaking." We discovered the power steering well was empty -- he went inside, grabbed a quart of power steering fluid and poured a good bit in. Voila -- the noise disappeared.

He suggested that it being Friday that I could drive the car but I bought a quart of power steering fluid from him just in case. I'll find a mechanic next week who can check the hoses and find the leak.

Thanks to Lucian for being there for me. Sometimes it is hard to figure out what to do by myself. I called Lucian this morning and he calmly helped me figure out what I should do.

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